Low cost brand - run by skeljungur

Orkan has 48 gas stations around the country. The stations are either manned with personnel, or unmanned.

Discount on the lowest price with orkan-tag

The Orkan Discount tag offers numerous benefits in the form of discounts on fuel, foods and car related goods at the Orkan and Skeljungur stations. Convenient when paying and you get transaction statements by e-mail.


Select primary station (Orkan or Skeljungur) in card application or sign up for "My account" for exta 2 ISK kr. discount of fuel at that station.


Orkan discount levels

Orkan tag owners can get higher discount on fuel with increased fuel purchases. Add primary station and discount can go up to 10 ISK kr. pr. liter at Orkan gas stations.
Time period is 30 days.
Buy 0-50 liter = discount will be 5 ISK. kr. pr. liter
Buy 50-150 liter = discount will be 7 ISK. kr. pr. liter
Buy 150 liter or more = discount will be 10 ISK. kr. pr. liter

Therefore, discount at Orkan can be different between months.


Download the app in App Store or Google Play.
Orkan-app gives gives:
  • station-locator
  • Overview of all your purchases with Orkan-tag and Skeljungur discount card
  • Access to lowest fuel prices according to bensinverd.is
… and you can use it to buy fuel at all Orkan and Skeljungur fuel stations