About Skeljungur hf.

Skeljungur Ltd. is an Icelandic oil importing company whose activities span a range of retail and service operations in Iceland. The company has a network of 43 retail stations and 13 oil depots.

By its licencee agreement with Shell Brands International AG, Skeljungur is guaranteed the rights to use the Shell trademark in Iceland. The agreement gives Skeljungur access to any new developments in products and technology from Shell.

Skeljungur, and its predecessor HF Shell, have been the Shell distributors in Iceland for the last 80 years. The company employs 300 people, with a personnel policy based on equal rights of men and women, with personal proficiency being the sole criterion.

Shell and Orkan.

Shell offers free service (on service sites) and quality 95 oct Shell V-Power.

offers the lowest fuel prices in Iceland according to independent fuel price comparison, www.bensinverd.is

Save money with the Shell Prepaid Card

Shell Prepaid Card is the ideal solution for travellers in Iceland. Shell offers good services and fair prices all around the country. When using the Prepaid Card you can save 4 ISK/ltr. at Shell stations.

A cooperation with Orkan, the low budget self service stations, gives opportunity for even more savings. They offer 3 ISK/ltr discount upon their economic price for the Shell Prepaid Card holders.

The card is refillable and deposits can be made at every Shell station.

Have a nice journey!


Map of Iceland - Shell locations


Skeljungur has a long history in servicing Icelandic companies in different sectors, such as fishing, agriculture, aviation, contracting, etc. The goal is to find the most convenient solution for our customers, solutions that are based on knowledge and experience from servicing companies in different industries for the last 80 years.

Oil distribution – location and contacts

Service Center

Skeljungur Service Center answers any question you might have. The Service Center takes care of orders, provides information on card transactions and guides our customers in any way necessary.

Service Center: (+354) 444 3100
E-mail: pantanir@skeljungur.is